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Rose is Rose

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What's to say? I'm Rose (no last name, please), I was born in Boston but I am currently a professional traveller. Am currently chasing after adventure with the Doctor, who is the most fascinating lunatic I've ever met.

As for why I shaved my eyebrows: I get this a lot. Yes, I shave my eyebrows and I draw them in. This is because I got my left brow burned off once when I was 16, for reasons I'm not interested in going into. For the sake of symmetry, I shaved the other one, thus beginning a now eight year long tradition of drawing them in with fun little eyeliner squiggles. If you want to try it, don't worry, they do grow back--it takes a while, but as long as you don't, say, wax them off entirely a few times, they will regrow.

((RP blog for an original character. PB the lurvely Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls--my hero.))